What was Chris up to in 2014? Feet at the Beach – Prana Lodge (near East London)

How often do YOU experience the joy of wringing your toes in the sand?

And relish the freedom and lack of inhibition of walking barefoot along the beach?

Have you ever wondered why it’s so delightfully liberating?


It’s because there’s far more to feet than first meet the eye! Not only do they carry the weight of our body and mind from one experience to the next, but, being our roots, they are essential for our growth, development and wellbeing. They are our messengers, conveying the impressions and impact of those life’s events that leave their mark on our soul, as well as our soles. By observing their ever-changing characteristics, it’s possible to reconnect with our innermost needs and, more exciting still, recognise our latent talents! This is a truly amazing opportunity to become even more of your wonderful self by tuning in and eliminating all that frustrating guess work. To think that all this this is only 2 feet away!

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What was Chris up to in 2014?