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To really get an idea of how Barefoot Kinesiology came about, here’s some background of my journey with feet. Although I was born and grew up in Kenya, I always had my heart set on being a nurse for the flying doctor service in Australia – it all seemed so romantic! Instead, once I had qualified as a State Registered Nurse and Certified Midwife in the UK, I found myself on a gunshot wound and stabbing ward in Texas! Within seven months of an incredible adventure, with a difference, I broke off my engagement with my Texan fiancée; returned to England, married a British ‘gentleman’ a year later, and soon afterwards qualified as a Health Visitor. My then husband and I had the travel bug so bad that we yearned to live overseas; once again our sights were set on Australia.  As fate would have it, we eventually found ourselves living in South Africa and this is where I still reside, 27 years later! When we first arrived, however, I was eager to continue nursing but was turned down by the best private clinic in Johannesburg because my outstanding UK medical qualifications were not recognised in this country! More than a tad miffed I became a personnel consultant for Drake Personnel!

Not long after this my mother sent an article on Reflexology, which I immediately declared to be a load of cod’s wallop. Who’s pulling the wool over whose eyes I thought? Surely feet were just a means of conveying the body from place to place, along with the mind?  I wasn’t too sure of the soul bit at that time!  Some part of me, however, must have been intrigued because I soon found myself enrolling and somehow completing a Reflexology Practitioner’s training course! However, enough was enough, and, as soon as I finished, I hung up my Reflexology shoes and decided to give it a miss – I really didn’t want anything more to do with feet. That is until the Universe stepped in with plans of its own!

First a sudden divorce left me with no money, no home, no insurance policies; but it did leave me with my two wonderful sons, Andrew and David, who were aged 5 and 7 at the time. But then no sooner had all this snot and trauma happened than my business partner, Wendy, upped and married and, almost immediately, moved to Durban. Now I had a newly established Health Studio, along with a substantial outstanding loan, as well as the soon to be opened Reflexology Academy of Southern Africa dumped in my reluctant hands! And to think that I had never wanted to practice Reflexology at the Studio in the first place, let alone teach it, but Reflexology was in such great demand that I had no choice but to share what I knew with Wendy so that she could help out. As soon as the clients learnt of what was afoot, they too wanted to learn! They insisted on enrolling for a non-existent course at non-established academy!

Reluctantly I succumbed, on the proviso that Wendy taught the anatomy and physiology, since I’d had a gut’s full, having done them ‘ad nauseum’ during my medical training.  I was to focus on feet and Reflexology. Now all of it landed in my lap! Any thought of backing out was impossible – the media had got wind of what was going on and were having a hey day with endless articles in newspapers and magazines, and, before I knew what was happening, I was a frequent guest on radio and television, which I absolutely love! Fortunately, something greater than me stepped in and gave me the stamina to meet all the demands – thank goodness! It was then that I realised that I was acting on behalf of the Universe and was a channel for some of the most amazing information that I had never previously heard, seen or read!

In 1991, despite being ‘new’ to feet and relatively green, an invitation came, out of the blue, from Beijing, China, asking me to present a paper on the ‘Universal Approach to Reflexology’ – to this day I don’t know how they got my name! My immediate reaction was that I could not afford to go, but then one of my students said to me ‘If you are meant to be there, Chris, you will be and the money will come’. Sure enough I was soon being asked to talk at large companies, who paid so handsomely that I was able to cover everything! At the Congress itself there were 3,000 delegates from 27 different countries, who lapped up the Universal information and wanted more. This led to further invitations to present papers all over the world and, from these, came many requests to give seminars worldwide.

And that’s what I have been doing since 1991, along with writing books, five of which have been published by Hodder and Stoughton in the UK. My initial scepticism serves me well – I question everything, even the Universal truth at times, until I witness it in action! Many of the delegates keep returning, year after year, for more Universal information and this certainly keeps me on my toes.  I feel I owe it to myself and them to find refreshing ways in which to take feet a step further so that health and healing keep pace with the constantly changing needs of each individual. Being such a free spirit means that my imagination knows no bounds and the colourful charts that I channel through bring through insight that even takes my breath away!

So how did Barefoot Kinesiology come about? Well, it was all thanks to Vanessa Emery who was staying with me at our bush home in Phalaborwa, South Africa. I mentioned to her that I had timed my seminars in Australia last year badly because the ICR had just had their conference there and the therapists seemed to have spent all their money on going to that because bookings were so slow – I really needed to find a way to spark some interest and enthusiasm.  As soon as Vanessa said that Kinesiology was really big in Australia, I knew that I could do it! After all I had studied kinesiology, albeit  many years ago, and knew that combined with feet they would make a dynamic pair and bring even greater insight into what was going on at a deeper level. Suddenly everything was so clear and visions of the flip charts kept running through my mind. As they did so Vanessa came up with the name ‘Barefoot Kinesiology’, which I think is really great since its simplicity says it all!

Incidentally most of the Australian organisers didn’t want to change to ‘Barefoot Kinesiology’; they preferred to stay with the original seminars and all venues did eventually fill up beautifully. I did, however, give this exciting new presentation in Cairns, Australia and Christchurch, New Zealand – they were so powerful and exceptionally well received that an immediate invitation came for me to be the keynote speaker at the New Zealand Reflexology Conference in May 2009!

So what is Barefoot Kinesiology and what does it do? Barefoot Kinesiology takes reflexology and other forms of healing to another level of understanding by highlighting the effect of the memory or belief that generates the sickness or dis-ease. The practitioner can do this by tracing set energy patterns on the feet, which will then lead them to the root of the problem and determine when and why the real pain began. For instance, when allergies are identified, through muscle testing, they are generally dealt with either by abstinence or some form of antidote. Barefoot kinesiology takes this a step further; it takes into account the type of reaction, where it occurs on the body and then by looking at the related reflexes on the feet, helps to verify what was so dreadful in the past to keep having an ‘adverse’ affect.

For example, should an abdominal rash erupt after eating pineapples, then, by looking at the abdominal reflexes on both sole insteps, it is generally possible to determine what initially triggered the rash off – in other words, what was it that the individual could no longer tolerate, or of which they were tolerant, initially.  Next, by enquiring what ‘pineapple’ means to that specific individual , helps to throw further light onto the situation; it could be that they still ‘pine’ to be the ‘apple’ of their father’s eye but no matter what they do, they keep feeling a failure, which really irritates them and  gets under their skin. Once there is greater understanding and the situation is put into context, then everything becomes so much more manageable and often the fear dissipates immediately. If this does not occur, it can be achieved by tracing all the meridian reflexes on the feet, which only takes a matter of minutes.  Once the practitioner and client know what they are dealing with, everything becomes clearer in their minds and the individual can’t but help feel better about themselves and others.

Barefoot Kinesiology has come at an ideal time! There has never ever been so much uneasiness and dis-ease on this planet and Barefoot Kinesiology is helping to bring this crisis to an end. It reveals the futility in pointing fingers and passing on the blame since this only makes matters worse and puts otherwise manageable situations way beyond reach! Through the understanding that can be attained it brings to an end the mounting doom-and–gloom and puts things into perspective; it is the perfect way to clear the many unresolved e-motional issues that hang menacingly in the air. This approach to feet reveals the ideal steps that can be taken to improve any dreadful situation and, as such, is an amazing and highly effective tool to have tucked up one’s sleeve! As things improve and the symptoms of the past diminish, not only will individuals be able to stand up for themselves, but they will happily take responsibility for everything that takes place in their life. The result? Enhanced self-esteem and a far better approach to life!
To think that all this and more is only 2 bare feet away!
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Chris Stormer, acknowledged as the Universal Foot Lady, was born in Kenya, lives in South Africa and still extensively travels the world presenting talks, seminars and workshops. She is the author of 5 books published by Hodder and Stoughton, UK, although only two are still available. The 3rd edition of ‘Teach Yourself Reflexology’ ISBN 978-0-340-92968-1 and the 2nd edition of ‘Language of the Feet’ ISBN 978-0-340-93959-8 have just been released and are available in all major book stores. Chris has also channeled through foot charts, audio CD’s, DVD’s and so much more. Another passion of Chris’s is dolphins and wild animals. She hosts Soul Safaris through Southern Africa, as well Flipper ‘n’ Feet weekends in Mozambique.

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Published Articles by Chris