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The Art of Foot Reading by Polly Hall

In her acknowledgements Polly states

The interconnectedness of the universe is celebrated by leading holistic teachers such as William Bloom, Louise Hay and Chris Stormer.

Chris Stormer, pioneered Foot Reading with her findings in ‘Language of the Feet’ detailing the meanings of the foot’s shapes, textures, colours and markings relative to their location and position. For example, hard skin over the throat reflex can mean on a physical level, throat problems or susceptibility to weakness in this area of the body; on an emotional level it suggests a barrier to speaking what one feels creating a blockage in the throat energy centre or chakra.

It is her work that has laid the foundations for the modern Foot Reader and holistic therapist. Yet it is not an altogether new age idea. The synthesis between mind, body and spirit has been investigated, studied and revered for as long as man has lived. By application of how the different modalities interact, the individual is more able to connect why certain emotions can manifest and relate to physical conditions or even exacerbate them.




Finding Your Feet by Ann Gadd

Signed by Ann as follows

To Chris,
Thank you for the wisdom of your Soul and generosity of your spirit.

With respect, gratitude and a huge amount of love





Lets’s Read our Feet by Jane Sheenan

Jane, another previous student of Chris’s, has become a highly successful Celebrity Foot Reader.

She has a wonderful way with words and every month publishes a very informative internet newsletter, the ‘Pampering Times’.