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“Not yet met a more powerful and kind, generous and intuitive lady such as Chris Stormer-Fryer! What a magical person to be with and allow healing to occur. Thank you for all you are!”
Jill Manson

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Happy Feet Retreat at Kingfisher Farm in the Waterberg



As promised, I will share my wonderful experience at the Happy Feet Retreat with you. It feels like I have to come back to earth. These 1½ days felt like being away for a whole week, yet, I would have liked to stay much longer.

Leaving Johannesburg in the cool, early hours of Saturday morning, 6 April, it took us just over 2 hours to get to paradise. As the sun rose, sunny, blue sky, accompanied us all the way. We travelled on the N1 to BELA BELA (on the POLOKWANE road) and took the second exit to Bela Bela R516. From there we passed the African Market and Forever Resorts and travelled south, got onto the dirt road, reaching the farm about 30 minutes later.

As we turn of the dirt road, grazing, healthy cows from another farm great us. In turn for free grazing they keep the grass short and deliver valuable free compost for the permaculture development at Kingfisher farm.



Chris, her husband John and the friendly staff are constantly on the go at Kingfisher and Round the Bent Farm to make sure, that this special place is up and running and a pleasure for the guests to enjoy their stay.

Chris‘s hearty welcome at Kingfisher Farm in the Waterberg let me feel at home immediately. The Farm lies in the scenic and quiet mountains of the Waterberg. Set in nature’s true paradise, with an orchard of various fruit, white painted thatch cottages and homely farm décor bestow a feeling of beauty, home, happiness, and love.

Chris showed us around and invited us to have breakfast and relax before starting the workshop. We savored healthy, tasty vegetarian meals prepared by Chris and our chef Brenda, walked in the beautiful nature on the farm, exchanging valuable information, rediscovered the importance of our feet and very important to me, enjoyed intimate companionship.

Chris passionately shared her experience and knowledge. Our feet tell the story of our life, help to create awareness of what is going on at the foundation of our body and act like a health barometer.

The feet inherit the impression of our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual state. Amazingly, feet can change their size and shape, show bend toes where the toes were straight before, let us feel pain from one minute to another, as we experience life.

All participants were taking turns enjoying a footbath with Epsom salt followed by a special foot rub prepared individually from a selection of coarse salt, lavender, ginger, Rooibos Tea and olive oil. We all took turns observing and reading feet and took note of changing color, hard skin, impressions, lines and position of feet, with Chris teaching us.

We enjoyed dinner, Vegetable Bobotie with all the trimmings, Mung-Bean-Stew, Rice and Ginger Pudding for desert, while sitting around the campfire, gazing speechless of beauty, at the firmament.

The laughter workshop, facilitated by myself, was another highlight at the farm. Everybody joined in to eagerly learn, how to implement laughter and levity into their daily routine. It was an intensive physical workout which ended in free, hilarious laughter. Afterwards we all had more room to take on more happy feet information.

Thank you Chris, for sharing this special time with us! I can recommend your jewel in the Waterberg without hesitation. I feel really blessed to know you!

Enjoy the pictures as they speak more than any words!







Do you feel the happiness!

All of us experienced a miraculous transformation during the time at
Kingfisher Farm




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