Previous Retreats: Feet at the Farm – September 2013

Feet are fascinating! Understanding what they tell us about ourselves, down by the dam, makes it even more fun!


Time to get our twinkle toes moving and heels rocking with Karyn as she cajoules our feet and bodies into going with the flow


Now this is the life! Feet being massaged with natural homemade herbal concoctions, whilst having egg smeared on our face… with some avo and banana to enhance the delicious treat!


OK, so where to now? Walking from one venue to another certainly ‘keeps us on our toes’! Through the apricot orchard to pick oranges and lemons on our way to the dam! What a joy being so ‘foot loose and fancy free’


Now in the peach orchard, we get down to the nitty gritty of observing and drawing what we see on each other’s feet, whilst Chris passionately shares intriguing insights


Forget the car! These feet were made for walking….but maybe Joburg is just a bit too far for that! Oh well, we’ll be back!


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