Steps Towards Permaculture and Sustainability: Natures Assistants

 Bats and Owls




Our construction of a 7metre ladder to install our Owl Boxes and Bat Hotel is a project that is still in progress since the actual installation is proving to be rather challenging! Why bat and owl boxes? Well, owls and bats are great at keeping rats and snakes away from the community areas, plus we really love having these wonderful creatures living nearby!


Bee Keeping



The three hives in the Farms provide a safe home for the bees, which not only pollinate our plants but also provide the most delicious honey!


Chris, with the assistance of Bee Keeper Bucks, loves communicating with the bees, caring for their hives and collecting the honey, despite having been allergic to bees most of her life – a belief that she no longer has time for!



In return for all our kitchen scraps, weeds, tatty looking vegetables and left over fruits, our much loved chickens provide excellent eggs for our staff and guests, whilst the abundance of their excrements is used to make a superb fertiliser for the vegetable garden.


 Building a Chicken Tractor


The chicken tractor houses chickens so that they can safely scratch, peck and poo virgin surfaces in preparation for further crops.



Plato, our magnificent German Swiss / Golden Labrador came to the Farms as a puppy. He is absolutely delightful, highly intelligent and loves living on the Farms, particularly when he has the opportunity to chase baboons from the orchards! He takes great pride in caring for us and our guests!



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