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Dear Christine,
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Details of the Recommendation: “Good Morning all Heavenly Souls:)

After spending the past weekend 6-7 April 2013, at Chris’ Kingfisher Organic Farm, in the Waterberg, attending her Feet Retreat, I thoroughly, recommend & endorse beloved Chris’ presentation, communication & highly professional medical / paramedical, and especially her metaphysical / channelling skills.

The workshop was set in Nature’s own paradise, with rolling hills in the background, and cute thatch buildings which still keep the essence of a old farm from bygone days…

Thanks to Chris & her assistant, Brenda for delicious organically grown meals from the garden.

One of the highlights of the retreat, was a Laughter Workshop, ably and hilariously presented by Ute, which has all participants rolling about in fits of hysterically induced laughter. Even Plato the dog got into the act, prancing around madly, and even nipping some of us as we danced and laughed in a beautiful well manicured lawn.

Thank you most graciously, dearest Chris, for giving us jaded city folk, a taste of pure Magic!!

We promise to be back, this time with the Astronomy Club, to gaze at the millions of bright, sparkling stars and the Milky Way. What a treat to round off a spectacular weekend!!!

With fond regards and many blessings for the fantastic work you are doing for humanity.

Love, Light and Life along the three points of the Sacred Triangle,
Roberta xxx”

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