General Information: Our Commitment

In taking ownership of ‘Kingfisher Country Estate’ in 2007, we knew that we were given the honour of developing it into a Sustainable Health Retreat, but had absolutely no idea how we were going to do it! Fortunately, with the faith and belief that we would be Divinely Guided we knew that we could …and that’s exactly what’s been happening! We’ve embarked on a truly blessed and incredible journey – one that we are absolutely delighted to have taken on – even though we do have our moments! There’s still plenty for us to learn and do, especially now that the neighbouring farm ‘Round the Bend’ has been entrusted to us as well! But what a joy to create such amazing and beautiful health retreats for individuals to come and replenish their souls, recharge their batteries and refresh their minds.


What a delight to host private celebrations and family gatherings, such as ours held after our marriage in Las Vegas in 2008 – what a special occasion that was, having been together for 16 years!


Both farms are superb  venues for family gatherings, private parties and celebrations, as well as Soul Retreats!

It’s always great to see others really appreciating the space and having fun!


General Information