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Adding to the charm and in keeping with the theme of self-sustainability, Kingfisher farm is purposefully kept off the grid, so there is no Eskom or Telkom!

Our preference is to have as much heating and lighting as possible provided through natural resources, so there are open wood fires, solar power, candles, torches and the like. Also a solar powered fridge plus gas rings, an Agar and wood-burning pizza oven assist with the preparation of meals; whilst generators pump water and provide power and lights when required.


The above ‘Companion Planting’ chart is by Chris Stormer-Fryer. It, along with many other charts, is used during her Perma-Health presentations to explain the theory of Permaculture, as well as to reveal fascinating insights as to how Natural Healing can be promoted and on-going Health maintained through these wonderful principles and designs.

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