General Information: So What is Perma-Health?


Permaculture is fast becoming a popular way to live sustainably… and it’s such an exciting and beneficial approach to life! Fortunately it’s catching on fast! Just as well really in this age of ever-increasing technology and consumerism – plus we are staying indoors far too long for our own good! With or without our realising it, our energy is being relentlessly sapped by modern living! Too many talented individuals are being denied the opportunity to shine and to just be themselves! This, in turn, robs nature and the planet of some truly remarkable input!

Stepping in to clear the way is Perma-Health, an amazing and innovative concept! Based on ancient wisdom, it lovingly and empathetically embraces the principles of Permaculture, combining these with the Divine Universal Wisdom and Energy of Natural Healing and Health. The effects can be truly awesome, if allowed to be!

This dynamic and powerful union offers an incredible range of personalised solutions! With these tools, it’s possible to unearth and deal with any distressing memories, replace alien beliefs with indigenous ones, and take a grip on ever-mounting fears, all of which are toxic to our well-being. It’s the only way to find that much-needed inner peace from any internal discomfort. After all, it’s so much easier to nip dis-ease in the bud, but we do need to know what it is that we are dealing with!

It’s just as well that Perma-Health knows no bounds! By empathetically embracing everybody for who and what they are, it knows how to take it from there! It can powerfully place individuals back on their feet for a powerful and much-needed reconnection with Mother Nature, its many elements, especially the soil which our feet pound every day. Maybe not always directly, but even if it is through concrete, tarmac, paving or grass, our energy has a HUGE impact!

Once reconnected with our true nature, we are free to feel really great about ourselves and other people – our vibrancy immediately increases. This enthusiasm for life cannot help but penetrate our land and assist in revitalising everything – the soil, the tree, the birds, the butterflies and so much more! What a great gift to give back to our terrain that so selflessly caters for the bulk of our nutritional needs!  It constantly provides the substantial energy that keeps us going!

Another principle of Permaculture is Sharing any surplus – not just of excess crops, but also of innovative ideas and talents that we have all been blessed with! Yes, it takes courage to be different, which means being our authentic unusual selves, but guess what, in so doing, we can be the incentive for others to do the same! Everybody can then thrive in their own unique way and, in turn, can be an inspiration to others! How awesome is that?

The many patterns in nature, as well as in our bodies, provide valuable insight into the patterns of our minds that we, consciously and unconsciously, super impose onto our lands. Mimicking nature’s shapes and contours, has many benefits and makes us aware of the many gifts that our natural environment has to offer.

Then there’s the design of the land, the zones, so cleverly laid out by Permaculture, ensuring the most efficient and effective use of not only nature, but of our bodies too! Our energy is conserved and well utilised, whilst its specific and varied requirements that need to be met on a daily basis.

Taking care of ourselves ensures the health of our lands,
which is Perma-Health in a nutshell!

Needless to say there’s SO much more, so come and find out for yourself!


CHRIS STORMER FRYER, the Pioneer of Perma-Health, is once again stepping out of the ‘norm’, and channelling Ancient Wisdom to assist with the expansion of Universal Consciousness, so that we can all become more of our magnificent selves! How is she doing this? By offering a series of weekend retreats, throughout the year, at the Permaculture Health Farms, that she owns with her wonderful husband, John, By reminding us of our connection to nature, Chris reveals how this so beautifully reflects our inner world. Once we know what on earth is going on, then we know what to do to better ourselves and, in turn, improve our magnificent land.

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