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Breathing in that glorious pure fresh air! ‘Yoga on the Rocks’, with Suzie, on top of crystal caverns, is a truly mind blowing, body energising and soul rejuvenating experience!


Totally refreshed after yoga with Suzie (left), enhanced by the flowing and envigorating Nia movements that Brenda (right) shared in the Ruinlapa  during our retreat!


Time to juice! Jill stands by as Danielle and Chris really get their teeth into the fruit and veggies in the Farmhouse kitchen!



Having breakfast on the lawn outside our gorgeous African Farmhouse somehow makes everything taste so much nicer


‘At Home’ in the Shed following Chris’s presentation on how the state of our body, mind and spirit can be understood and improved by what goes on in the home! Fascinating!



Guided by Jill, we connected with the Divine Essence of flowers. Through ‘Flowerscape,’ she reminded us to appreciate our frequently neglected authentic self and awesome potential.


Danielle, from Connecticut, found instant love in Africa! How could she resist this adorable white lion cub, who, with other orphaned animals, has found a loving home at our neighbour’s ‘Predator Park’?


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