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“Friends are like Angels in disguise, and when you are with them time flies. They believe in you, more than you do and make you blossom very well too”
A friend evolves from the strangest of life’s corners…… this rings true to me when I think of all of you, such beautiful women, true Angels and I am blessed to have met you all.

Thank you once again for a stunning weekend that would not be the same the next time round as everybody played such a vital part in making this weekend so special.  I really enjoyed meeting all of you.  Will definitely keep in touch.


There are no words worthy enough to express the gratitude in my heart for your love, your openness, support and allowing. For the Grace of God to manifest through this land and the experiences offered by you, Chris, in opening this up to all of us, thank you, from the bottom of my soul, for your faith and encouragement.

….I came here without a reason, out of obligation and found something inside that I didn’t know I was looking for……


My flower which I chose (gladioli) will forever be part of me, thanks Jill, and you have even made me more aware of the beauty of flowers.  I am starting my own little flower patch dedicated to my flower Angel, and we all know who she is…… the beautiful Jill!

What an awesome retreat in every way.  Thank you to each one of you for your brilliance and your heart and your shine spangles of warmth and love.  I think many fellow beings were moved to have a dialogue with their hearts due to your holding and devotion to that which you do.



just wanted to Thank you again, I woke up this morning and for the first time in 6 months I actually felt lighter, stronger, focused and most of all I liked myself this morning.  I know there is a lot (I mean a lot) of work for me to do on myself, but each & every one of you will be my inspiration and 2 words keep resonating in my mind, empathy and forgiveness.
Each one of you have given me a gift, a gift that has no monetary value, a gift that can’t be seen or touched, a gift that only I will ever know and feel in my heart. I will never be able to thank you enough or repay you for what you have done for me.

To OUR SPECIAL ANGEL CHRIS,   thanks for the vision you had to bring these lovely angels together in love, you are amazing! Please know it just does not happen, you are gifted and filled with amazing love for people, vision and passion.  YOU ARE A GIANT AND YOU STAND TALL,  what a women!!!!! Love you so much.


To you Chrissie for your utmost devotion to everything.  You are a continuing inspiration and I love you and Kingfisher farm very much.

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